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Hi I’m Demario Carter with The Counsel of Prophecy Ministries. I know that there are many voices calling for your support today, and they all may be doing a wonderful work for God. Therefore, I want to especially thank you for even considering helping us as we do our small part to hasten Christ’s return. Following are the several facets of our church ministry of which you may support.

Facets in Action:

  1. Evangelistic Outreach: Presently, we are conducting evangelistic tent meetings. “… the Lord has plainly pointed out the work that Seventh-day Adventists are to do. Camp meetings and tent meetings are to be held. The truth for this time is to be proclaimed. A decided testimony is to be borne. And the discourses are to be so simple that children can understand them.” –Testimonies vol. 8, p. 184. We plan to travel wherever God sends us to either further establish a home church in the truth, or help to start a home church. In addition to the meetings, we conduct door-to-door work in conjunction with health expos. Funds donated to this facet will be used to supply literature to our community and assist in the continuance of our tent meetings.
  2. Media Productions: Social media outlets have become a major means of transmitting information. To take advantage of this, we have a media program in which we produce sermons for YouTube and articles for our website. We also send out sermons or lectures on DVDs. Currently, we edit and produce our own programs, which can be time consuming. Funds for this facet will be used to help maintain the production equipment and assist in the creation of more materials. You can view some of our recordings here.

Facets in the Making:

  1. Small health retreat: It is clear in inspiration that the gospel work must be united with the medical ministry. The right arm of the gospel, medical evangelism, is as important to the work is the hand is to the body. Therefore, our ministry plans to operate a small health retreat in which we minister to the physical and spiritual sicknesses of those in our community. We desire a safe haven for the sick to resort to in order to recover health and learn a lifestyle approach to wellness. Since the details of such a ministry are yet to be determined, I cannot say much more than the fact that such a retreat will also provide an opportunity for the students in our School of the Prophets to learn the ministry of healing. Furthermore, we are currently searching for property to settle the ministry on. We are looking for acreage between 10 and 200. Funding for this facet will go towards the purchase of such property. Although we prefer to settle in the state of Kansas, we are seeking God’s leading. As His providence opens doors, we plan to move accordingly.
  2. School of the Prophets: As mentioned earlier, we are moving in the direction of starting a modern-day School of the Prophets modeled after the blueprint. In Counsels on Sabbath School Work page 62, the servant of the Lord says, “We must educate the youth, that they may learn how to work for the salvation of souls.” And in Gospel Workers, page 210 she says, “They must be taught how to labor for the Master. They must be trained, disciplined, drilled, in the best methods of winning souls to Christ.” Furthermore, the ancient Schools of the Prophets employed a work-study program that fostered a well-rounded character development for the pupils. Inspirations says, “The pupils of these schools sustained themselves by their own labor in tilling the soil or in some mechanical employment.” Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 593. One final note! We are also told what their main subjects of study were. “The chief subjects of study in these schools were the law of God, with the instructions given to Moses, sacred history, sacred music, and poetry.” Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 593. It is with such inspiration that we embark upon this all important task of raising an army of youth who can take the Present Truth into the four corners of the globe. The educational program of this school will include evangelism, agriculture, some form of industrial training, sacred music, and other, necessary academia. As we progress in our health retreat phase, we plan to give more attention to this school. Funding for this facet will go towards the securing of property and/or the purchase of supplies needed for the program.

When Moses was in the mount with God, he received the charge to gather freewill offerings from the children of Israel for the purpose of building a sanctuary for God. Moses, after receiving the plans of the sanctuary and its services, made an appeal to the people to bring their offerings on their own freewill. The response to that appeal was amazing. You can read it in Exodus 36:3-6. The children of Israel were so excited to act there part in supporting God’s work, that they willingly gave much more than what was initially needed. Consequently, they were told to cease their offerings. This is a lesson for you and me today. The Bible says, “He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:6, 7. In light of the above plans we have for the ministry, we follow Moses’ example in making an appeal to you for your support of the work. You may donate here.

Thank you again for doing your part to hasten Christ’s return!

A Note from the Director:

It is with great aspiration that we send you this appeal. Our purpose is to prepare men and women to stand through the last events of earth’s history and to rejoice at the second coming of Jesus Christ. Please join us in prayer as we embark upon this journey to the Holy City together!

With Kind Regards,

Demario Carter

Director, the Counsel of Prophecy

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