Church and State Unity – What does it look like?

Last year was quite a spectacular year for much of the Christian world, and as one well known conservative Pastor said recently – possibly the most significant year in centuries. As one reviews world news over the last few months, 2015 is shaping up to surpass 2014. The media is chock full of Christian news, yet our world is in a tumultuous state. Many in the religious, secular and even atheist realm sense something ominous is about to happen. They seem to know that world situations can’t go on very much longer. It is evident on every front that evil is gaining a stronger foothold. Observing the conditions around the globe, one must ask, why? Why is the world in the state it is today? What are the reasons behind the turmoil?

As we look at Christian churches today, we find that in many instances money and resources are flaunted. Many church leaders live in large expensive homes and drive very expensive automobiles. These leaders hold services in glamorous churches or cathedrals. They have expansive retirements. One church has its own country and its own banking system. We must ask, how can this be when multitudes across this globe go to bed hungry every night (805 million), many are homeless (100 million), and many die daily from starvation (15 human beings each minute).

The Bible describes how God sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus, to this planet 2000 years ago to represent Himself to humanity. As recorded in the Bible Jesus did not own anything on this earth. Jesus would not have been “successful” in terms of modern man’s thinking. We read how Jesus mingled with the people of His day. He had sympathy for them and ministered to those with whom He came in contact and then invited them to follow Him and the ways of God. Now, this question must be asked: Is this Jesus of the Bible the same Jesus that modern Christianity is following today? You see, when we take a closer look at the world and the Christian church today, we have to consider that this very serious and grave question is the issue of this urgent hour.

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